Team Eminence 2 - WSG / Priest & Druid by Trance
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
*This footage is from 1.9, around Oct/Nov*
This is an old video I never finished releasing to the public, but now it's open for your viewing pleasure.

2nd video in a series of group pvp vids by Team Eminence of Blackrock(US).

Team Eminence fights their rivals, The Elite(Blackrock) and Team Evil(Ner'zhul) in Warsong Gulch as apart of Battlegroup Bloodlust/Nine PvP League.

Eminence of Blackrock PvP team partiscipates in a
WSG league from the most competitive Battlegroup on North American servers, Battlegroup Bloodlust/9. for more info.
#battlegroup9 @

Features PoV from Panda(Priest) and Nui(Druid) in Emi's Warsong Gulch Team. Panda displays combat pvp healing in it's best element and nui displays his flag running skills to some technical degree.

Team Eminence 3 displaying 5v5s pre 2.0 and some arena fights coming soon!

Pendulum - Still Grey
Madonna - Intro Hung Up
Rammstein - Stripped

#eminence @

This vid was made with:
Fraps, Sony Vegas 6, Adobe Photoshop and Warcraft Model Viewer.

Nurfed, Trinket Menu, Hitsmode, Itemrack, CTmod, eCasting Bar.
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