Sonny 2.5k+ Restoration 2v2/3v3 by Sonny
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Vek'Nilash ( Misery )
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First of all I sincerely suggest you to read all the shit I wrote down about the video. So you get the right view. ;>

First of all this video was recorded in patch 2.2, and the second clip after intro is actualy before 2.2. The video is abit rushed, as I still wanted to get it out before S3.
You might find the file size extremely disgusting, but I just couldnt fuck up the widescreen version of it with high quality for lower file size, sorry. :(

This video is about top rated arena as restoration druid, I tried to gather most entertaining fights with alot rush ccing required and survivability. I dont show nearly any outlasting on it, which restoration druid arenas mostly are about, altough I know how to execute it well, it just doesn't look good in video.

The title is abit missleading. I dont play in my main team (which has been at rank 1 for 2 months) in 2v2 in this video. The reason for that is, that Im playing with a warrior, which incase is almost only outlasting, what I consider nowhere near entertaining. Most of you may think its an easymode setup, which it most of the time is, but rank 1 in battlegroup like misery where all setups above 2.2k are healer + warlock/warrior is still not easy, exspecialy without PvE gear as nearly everyone at high has it. Most of the credit about the rank 1 belong to Mystical as he manages to nuke druids down as sword specc lol!, poor druids. The only reason Im mentioning this shit about my ratings is, as Dahis well stated there are alot of scrubs who wont DL the vid without arena credentials.

The video is about Druid/rogue 2v2, which of all druid + dps setups I find most hardest to master. I tried to get clips vs only the hardest setups for druid/rogue. Like druid/warrior and warlock+healer, where the druids ccing talents step forward. I also included one survival clip vs and frostmage and rogue ( The jump is intented btw):).

Theres also 2 clips of our 3v3, first about survival vs 3 dps team and second about ccing in 3v3. In the first one we play with our main setup (druid, warlock and rogue).In the second clip we play druid, warrior, warlock. Due Razziny's inactivity we have Runeh playing on the character in the second clip (third arena game he ever played a warlock), and yea he does a few mistakes, which made alot things quite much more difficult in the game. Our 3v3 team is at rank 3 atm, when I was writing this with 2.477 rating.

I play with 3 different rogues in 2v2 parts . Two of them I were boosting as friend for gladiator, and with Runeh we went serious and managed to hit top 20 (2327 rating) in short time with only few serious loses. Big credit for that belongs to Runeh, and its a shame that players like him who don't make videos, don't get the attention they deserve for.
If you'd ask best rogue of Misery from me, it would be him over all the video making rogues of Misery, no offence to anyone.

Most of the teams we face in the video were really high rated, and yes that indicates that we do lose vs them also.

I tried to keep my interface clean when I was recording. That causes a few mistakes, as for example I dont use the mod for cyclone/root DR, neither any sorts of mods which show how much time left on cooldowns.

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I abuse the drink bug in one clip and thats against the druid warrior. I do it because druid+warrior is extremely overpowered setup against rogue+druid and you cant keep your rogue up without it, no matter how shit players playing the druid warrior. However if it bothers you that much, I suggest you to not to watch the vid.

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