Sonny broadcasting 2.4k druid/rogue Cyclone BG by Sonny
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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This movie isnt for entertaiment, dont watch it if you seek for entertaiment. Go watch my other movies if
you wish to see entertaining resto PvP. I also doubt youll see anything special on it if you dont play high rating arena yourself or restodruid. Ill come out with a another vid consisting all brackets in a month, showing
fast tempo arena with offensive play.

I didnt bother making any flying texts around, and describing everything yet again in describtion.

This vid consist one game against Druid/Warrior, Rank 1 Season 2 in Blackout BG, Merciless Gladiators Zurion and Prodo, most likely one of the best druid/warrior teams in the world. We are running SHS druid/rogue setup (Team name Rank one:P) currently rank 1 in Cyclone BG.

You can basicaly skip the first 8 mins if you want to see more offensive playing. Yes we get fucked in the start due our own mistakes, abit of bad luck and our opponents knowing exactly how to play when rogue has cooldowns.

I believe everyone knows already, that due to mass amount of transfers Cyclone is best BG in EU by far now.

Anyway the main idea is to show what druid/rogue should do against druid/warrior when the odds go against you. Its also to cover all these comments I get about my offensive playstyle being idiotic for mana conserve. Watch closely, it perfectly shows when you have to play defensive and when offensive, striking at the right moment. Even if you go offensive you can recover the mana back with proper cooldown use and kite.

Few basic things;

1. Im cycloning the druid alot when Runehx is low on energy.

2. Cancel casts are to avoid pummel/feral charge.

3. Yes, sometimes I go over offensive knowing cheat death is there to save my ass.

The game itself was 42 mins long, before the cut. Its also speeded up by 15%.

Win/loss was 4-1 for us. 2-0 Nagrand. 2-1 Lordaeron. Druid warrior has an advantage in lordaeron if they know how to abuse the tomb properly.

Ensiferum: Victory Songs
Ensiferum: Tale of Revenge
Ensiferum - Into Battle

Music is onesided yes, just mute it down if you dont enjoy it. Problem solved.

Armory link profile:

My other resto movies:

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