Sonny/Runehx double PoV 2v2 2600+ by Sonny
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Yo, we promised to quite a few ppl that we'll fix double PoV movie and here it is. First of all, it was packed up in one weekend since I went to vacation. Theres pretty much no way to contact me before s4 is here/tournament finals.

Pay attention that me and Runehx both rock at turning fraps off exactly when the target dies, so some targets are at 1% when the clip fades.

Speccs : Runeh; 20/0/41 with imp poisons
Sonny; Restokin 34/0/27. Since with rogue you really dont need to heal that much, I would be full balance if they gave treants bars. However I love using NS offensively, and am pretty much doing it 80% of the time and I can assure we have won way more games using it offensively for cyclone, than saving it for panic HT.

The teams we face are pretty much the highest rated teams in Cyclone, tried to show a variety of comps. Keep in mind that we show a lot of gibs where our opponents dont play their best. You cant really show 10 min shaman/warr game where both teams play perfect in an entertaining movie which this tries to be. It has a lot of warrior setups since in general survival against a warrior isnt that easy as restokin: -> full rage warrior intercept on normal form with a bit of luck causes gibs, which are the main reason why we lose to warrior teams.

Druid/Warr 2.5k + Win/loss: 10-4
Druid/Warr 2.5k + former R1 (really defensive game, because its difficult to switch to a druid in nagrand arena) Win/loss 5-2
Paladin/Warr 2.350 + Win/loss 10-3
Priest/Warr 2.4k + Win/loss 10-2
Same Pala/Warr as before
Warlock/Druid 2.3k + Win/loss 6-0
Shaman/Warr 2.5k +, not their best playing, but showed pretty much what happens if shaman doesnt trinket early. Win/loss 10-4
Warlock/Rogue 2.5k + Win/loss 5-5
Warlock/Priest 2.3k + Win/loss 4-0

Win/losses are as restokin specc. Some teams like the second druid warr used to farm us, when I was normal resto. However I doubt we would have any problems with Warlock/Rogue either, if I wasnt restokin, even though its a good team. The win/losses arent perfectly accurate either, more like directional.

Last: Im pretty sure the average WCM viewer is going to whine about the team ratings etc. Its not their best games, but usually games against healer + warrior teams drag out and arent really entertaining games. This movie is to show how we take advantage from our opponents mistakes (Yeah even highrated teams do make mistakes). I have no idea where did some viewers get an picture that all highrated players play flawless all the time. I can assure you everyone makes mistakes, but the difference beetween highrated and lowrated player is that highrated player improvises more and is able to maintain the level of their play in 95% of the games.

Tracklist is in the end of the movie..
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