Sonny 3 - #1 rated druid in the World, 2.4k all brackets by Sonny
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

This is my last movie as restoration specc and contains more footage than my other movies. Ive used way more time and effort on it. Im planning to fix a feral video, once I have gear for it.

The title says number one in the world. Reason why I chose to 'ego' around with the title is due that healer vids dont usualy turn ppl on. I guess its around 5% e-peen and 95% of desperate try to seduce more viewers.

It contains footage from all brackets:

Intro 1 min duel vs Krymu, charges on feldominations
2v2 Rogue/Druid 2437 rating, 10 min of footage
3v3 Warrior/Druid/Rogue 2573 rating, 8 min of footage
5v5 Mage/Warlock/Druid/Rogue/Priest 2420 rating, 7 min of footage.

All ratings can be confirmed at

I havent been on SK ranking list for a long time due team jumping. However Runehx has always had the same teams as I did, and he has been in top 10 for months.

This movie is about offensive playing and offensive playing only, if you like to see outlasting dont watch it.

I didnt include any teams our setups steamroll over. In 3v3 for example, theres not a single warlock team due to the reason that warlock teams will lose to a good dual melee team, unless the dual melee team plays amazingly bad.

98% of the teams are the best teams in BG. ( The priest teams hang around 2-2.1k rating, but you get the point of how effective maim is at ccing ;> )

Ive also included win/loss against teams we had hard times. In 5v5 for instance, some games were total instagibs, though 90% of the time it isnt like that. However I showed those games because for my opinion, thats how Euro comp should be played and those gibs make it one of the funniest setups in 5v5.

My specc in all clips is 12/11/38 or 13/11/37.

All the footage is recorded in Stormscale Cyclone EU, by far the best BG in EU.

Thanks to Krymu for fixing the intro (easily noticeable, from the style:P), also blame him for the emo font in comments.

Last, I want to say that its god damn arena vid, only to showcase skill from my part and my team mates. Its not supposed to be an showcase of editing skills, which I seriously lack. Arena movies should be clear watch. I dont play with nearly any addons, only to satisfie viewers and to make it a clean watch. Thank you.


Dark Tranquility - Wonders at Your Feet
Ensiferum - Token of Time
Ensiferum - Guardians of Fate
Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver :D
Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond
Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
Sonic Syndicate - Enclave

I also play on US Realms.
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