Sonny 4 - Feral by Sonny
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nagrand ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
For the love god please download the movie, if you want to get any sort of point whats going on. Its really fast paced and you will probably miss 90% of it if you stream it.

Heres the feral movie I long promised for. It contains Duels&Rated1v2Arena&BGs.

I will add a commentary version (no matter how much I hate doing it) for those who want to stream it and those who probably dont know much about ferals, so they can keep up whats going.

The movie was recorded on Nagrand realm, Vindication BG, where Im playing under name Zhvyn. I would transfer back to Stormscale if the server wasnt locked. I wanted to make a feral movie before WOTLK as I knew Id go totaly casual. Also with the new shadowmeld buff, I wanted to be among the first to show what kind of shit you can pull out with it.

For those who wondered what I was doing in S4, I was playing Druid called Mirdus in Stormscale alliance due to several reasons, which I prefer not to reveal here. However I quit playing that druid for now, and focusing on Sonny atm.

The movie is rushed like my all other movies, wanted to release it before WOTLK. I casualy practiced feral specc for a week and used another week for frapsing the footage.

It contains HIGH amount grenade useage. If you dont like of grenades dont rate. Personaly I think grenades make outdoor PvP twice as more fun. Also for my standards, I believe aiming grenades fast and accurately is one of the most skill taking aspects in the game.

I didnt farm the gear myself for the character, infact I probably played around 15 arena games in s4 of total on it, so I had no real experience of feral when I started practicing it. Last time I played the specc seriously was in S1. So dont judge me too hard! Im aware that I do insane amount of mistakes i.e forgetting to use survival instincts, but I also think I can pull out some nasty shit out i.e the shadowmelds.

As Im stuck in Nagrand I had to improvise with who I duel against. The players Im dueling beetween Arenas/BGs are:

Jzong - Shadowdance Rogue. Win/loss 5/5. Took me a long time to adapt how to duel as feral. Jzong also being an amazing rogue, it explains the horrible win/loss, although feral druids should have a big advantage vs rogues with 3.0.2.

Psikopos - Affli/SL & Metamorph Warlock. Win/loss 5/5 vs Affli/SL and 1/9 vs metamorph lol. The character is played by high rated warlock from Cyclone/Blackout BG.

Leonardos - Retripaladin. Suprisingly good paladin considering the overall quality of the BG. Win/loss 3/6.

Win/losses are more directional than precise

Note that my gear isnt perfect. Its also horribly enchanted/gemmed. Dont ever come ask tips from me about gemming or enchanting as you probably know how to do it better yourself. Dont either come telling me how bad Im at it as I dont tolerate that shit either. :D

Enough talking, I didnt include any real arenas as the quality of arena in Vindication is whatever it is.

Intro - Terminator Theme
Unknown artist - Mortal Kombat Theme
Wintersun - Beyond the Dark Sun
Disturbed - Indestructible
Wintersun - Starchild
Killswitch Engage - End of Heartache
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