Sonny 2, Resto R1 2V2/3V3 S2 by Sonny
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Vek'nilash ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
I suggest you to read everything I wrote down before watching. Dont come up with comments, if you didnt read what I said. Thank you.

My second video. Its rushed again, I wasnt able to play that much due Christmas and New year holidays and I wanted to get it ready before we transferd from Misery BG to Cyclone (stormscale).

Its abit messy from some parts, especialy with scene ends etc. so I suggest you to not to stream it on FF.

Theres 3 different parts in my movie.

2v2 With mutilate rogue, Altik, with who we managed to hit and keep rank 1 (2304) in Misery (for 3 weeks while my warrior was on holiday). I wanted to see the true potentiality of the setup and I wasnt disapointed: Its a setup which requires insane timing compared to warrior druid, but yet with good players can be nearly as good.

I included three clips as druid rogue, one loss aganst rank2 druid warrior and one win. The loss is to show mainly what happens if druid doesnt have control over the warrior all the time or right positioning which incase is the main reason, why most druid rogues fail against druid warriors. Second clip is to show how its basicly done. My opinion is that you need the specc with 12 points in balance for 1.5 sec wraths for offdpsing and max cyclone range to prevent rogue from getting kited by the druid. We had 3 wins and 2 loses against the Druid/Warrior.

Third clip is against priest/rogue at 2.1k rating. The rogue we play against DC's in the clip, but I wanted to show how important it is to cyclone enemy rogue at times, when rogues are hitting each another. By doing that it makes priests waste alot more mana, and basicly my rogue gains all his 120 energy back while enemy rogue is cycloned. Tricking with cyclone when mutilate rogue is low on energy is extremely important if you want to make the setup work, we rarely outlasted, we nuked.

I also included 2 survival clips. Mainly to show how to position/get range from mage against frostmage and rogue with warrior/warlock partner. The clips are agaisnt the best frostmage rogue in the BG for my opinion, Ithius and Salli (and highest rathed while they played).

Theres also 3v3 parts about Multitarget ccing/+ off dpsing at the same time.

Thats it. If you wondering why I write an wall of text down everytime I make an video, its because I doubt someone who hasnt played high rating arena before or resto druid class, has any clue what Im doing.

Either for myself, I dont like watching videos filled with white texts: "what to do and when to do", to tell the viewers every basic thing you are doing. Personaly I always had the feeling, like I was treated like an idiot, while watching videos like that.


Moby - Extreme ways
Ensiferum - Iron
Brother Firetribe - Kill City Kid
Brother Firetribe - I Am Rock

If you are wondering why I dont have the Merciless Gladiator title, its because of high amount of team jumping in s2.



I wanted to add one thing. My play style is extremely offensive, because I play against antisetups, which requires offensive play. Theres also nearly always a back up way to outlast, even against antisetups and get the the drink to gain the mana back, which was used to for getting something down fast. For example in 2v2 root the warrior, cyclone druid and restart. Of course if you are idiot enough to burn all your mana in off dpsing its a fucked way of doing things. I always keep that 2k "backup" mana if things look bad.

So honestly, who the hell wants to see me playing a 20 min game against druid warrior, which shows outlasting, drink bug, and supposedly 'sick skill'. If I wanted outlasting Id play with warlock/warrior/hunter. I play with a rogue, cuse I love taking things down fast. Thank you for comments.

My first vid -
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